The Effects of the Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus carries a beautiful scent, and the flower is often worn as a symbol of status or fashion. However, the plant has gained most of its popularity due to its entheogenic, psychoactive, stimulant, aphrodisiac, and sedative-like properties.

The Blue Lotus contains the psychoactive apomorphine, aporphine, and nuciferine. Recent science has found that apomorphine is effective against impotence and erectile disfunction and has also been used against Parkinson’s disease and various mental disorders. Apomorphine, is quite effective in cases of erectile dysfunction, as it initiates a cascade of events resulting in smooth muscle relaxation and vasodilation. Both the nuciferine and apomorphine constituents of the plant activate serotonin and dopamine receptors, which contribute to its calming effect.[4]

Different communities have used the rhizome and flowers for various ailments including inflammation of various organs such as the bladder, kidneys, uterus, and intestine, as well as for fevers and insomnia.

Some other benefits of consuming the Blue Lotus may include:-

  • Relieves Stress
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Alleviates Anxiety
  • Soothes Dry Skin (prevents pimples and acne)
  • Alleviates Stomach Issues, (Diarrhea/ Dysentery/Constipation)
  • Regulates Periods
  • Eases Menstruation Cramps 
  • May help with Depression
  • Increases Memory Power
  • Promotes Lucid Dreaming
  • May Reduce Pain & Relax Muscles
  • Helps regulate the Urinary System [5]

The sacred water lily does indeed have anxiety relief properties. The two main alkaloids interact with serotonin and dopamine receptors in the brain. These are the receptors that the mind uses to regulate happiness and eliminate depression. Although it is still always best to consult a doctor about anxiety, many people have been turning to Blue Lotus as a natural substitute for some prescription-grade medications.[6]

The sacred plant is well known for its ability to create a mild, relaxing high. It has been used in countless cultures for its ability to provide a euphoria or altered state of mind. This is part of the reason it has been used by shaman, priests, seers, and ancient party animals!

The Blue Lotus generally produces mild psychoactive effects that are said to have a “divine” essence, which brings upon the feelings of tranquillity and subtle euphoria. It is commonly used for its relaxation properties and as a meditation and sleep aid.

The main effect you will sense is a pleasant feeling of warmth around the head and upper body; a very comfortable, dreamy feeling, with a slight increase in awareness of self. Many people gain an expanded state of awareness with feelings of psychic openings for the higher states of oneself.

Blue Lotus is well known as a “dream flower” to ancient civilizations like Egypt. It has also been found in widespread use throughout Mayan, Syrian, Thai and several African cultures. These cultures understood the power of the plant when it comes to dreaming, often using it in ceremonies and other practices. It has been used by all types of shaman, priests, and even regular citizens for its lucid dream-inducing properties. It was exported by the Greeks for its magnificent dream-inducing properties. Blue Lotus is even mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey.[7]

There is plenty of science which backs the ancient use of the plant for prophecy, sedation, and lucid dreaming. Serotonin is long known to have encouraging effects in terms of lucid dreaming. A higher serotonin level increases the likelihood of experiencing a lucid dream. Science Daily also recognizes serotonin’s direct impact on sleep quality.Today, Blue Lotus is still regularly used by shaman, spiritualists, and explorers of alternate states of consciousness. It most certainly helps contribute to lucid dreaming and is still used to encourage this practice in modern times.[8]

No matter how you consume it, it is said that Nymphaea caerulea will provide your mind with insight, realisation and understanding.

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